In our debut edition with CLINQ, we celebrate the everyday hair clip as a design object, expanding its familiar appearance with a variety of new and minimalist shapes.


CLINQ stands for mechanical artistry, made in Berlin. Focusing on every minute detail, we redesigned not only the silhouette, but the construction of the regular hair clip to create a subtle statement accessory that is modern, elegant and versatile.



Born out of a personal frustration with the inefficiency of common hair clips – functional as well as visual – we pursued a new approach to hair accessories, questioning their construction, function and aesthetics.


In a process over several years, we researched history, materials, physical properties, production techniques and contemporary needs.


Eventually, we arrived at a seamless snap clip, without rivets or screws, handcrafted from a single piece of ultra-light spring steel. We called it CLINQ.


By applying origami and clothing pattern construction techniques to metal, we developed an innovative, elegant and patent-pending mechanism for folding spring steel. We devised customised tools engineered specifically for CLINQ to achieve our signature double-bend responsible for the necessary snap.


The metal-folding process is executed inhouse at CLINQ in Berlin, allowing us to control the quality at any stage. All clips are mirror polished and available in either silver-tone or plated gold.


Along the way, the technical innovation allowed us to improve on both, functionality and style. CLINQ clips are versatile and flexible, allowing for a wide range of styling options, from side-parts to holding entire knots and ponytails. Depending on size and model, they are applicable to a variety of different hair qualities. Their seamless closure without rivets or screws allows for CLINQ clips to be inserted and removed easily without pulling any hair.


Similarly, CLINQ accessories exceed the standard aesthetics of hair clips and propose playfully different designs and silhouettes, resulting in an entirely new and contemporary type of hair jewelry that is satisfying functionally as well as aesthically.